What We Do

SyNeural creates machine-accelerated Semantic Web platforms that help transform the Web from a collection of keywords to search to a Semantic Web of Concepts. Our goal is to help users transform words into actions, so that they don’t have to think about what button to push or exactly how to say what they need a device to do. We believe that within five years, everyone will have a virtual assistant to which they delegate a lot of menial tasks. It will do everything for you – book your flight, make your hotel reservation, remind you to pick up your child from soccer, and order your next perfectly fitted jeans. 

There are many pieces to this puzzle for this to work. The first one is extremely deep domain knowledge in machine-readable format. For example, in order for a virtual assistant to find great jeans it has to know everything about jeans. In order to book a flight, it needs many inputs and access to various Web sites or travel agents to do the booking. Here at SyNeural, we are seeking to help launch this phase of the Web by making blockbuster platforms that are also Semantic Repositories, an effort that is poised to change how we do our jobs and live our lives. 

It is critical that machines gain a new level of understanding. Instead of statistically computing how well a search term matches a document, a machine must literally be able to understand. Therefore, Semantic Repostiories are needed to look things upWithin a Semantic Repository, a semantic agent/virtual assistant will have the potential to interpret words and understand context similarly to humans. For example, a semantic agent may be able to check a user´s appointments and provide information on available slots for new appointments. It would also be able to link that information with travel time data and restaurant options (even according to food preferences and ambiance) available on the Web. Then it could send you options of restaurants that are nearyby and that may be able to accommodate you in the time you have available.

Another example: Let's say that you're thinking about going on a vacation. You want to go someplace warm and tropical. You have set aside a budget of $3,000 for your trip. You want a nice place to stay, but you don't want it to take up too much of your budget. You also want a good deal on a flight. With the Web technology currently available to you, you'd have to do a lot of research to find the best vacation options. You'd need to research potential destinations and decide which one is right for you. You might visit two or three discount travel sites and compare rates for flights and hotel rooms. You'd spend a lot of your time looking through results on various search engine results pages. The entire process could take several hours. With SyNeural's Semantic Repostiories you'll be able to sit back and let the Internet do all the work for you.

Our semantic knowledge platforms will comprise the backbone of the next generation Web making it effortless for novices and advanced users alike to generate new semantic data. We’ll be able to merge all references to a concept onto a single topic and you will have access to all the information the systems knows about the concept in one place.. Webmasters will be able to add components to their sites and have their content integrated into a greater collection of knowledge and shared across the Web. This will allow a single, coherent visual framework/systematic picture in which users can focus on one or more concepts and immediately see a conceptual summary of their focus. Many major scientific discoveries and breakthroughs have involved recognizing the connections across domains or integrating insights from several sources. In fact, a recent National Science Foundation report, “Rebuilding the Mosaic”, compiled over 250 white papers from researchers calling for more interdisciplinary research. These are not associations of words; they are deep insights that involve the actual subject matter of these domains. We know that by looking at multiple issues simultaneously, we can expand our knowledge and drastically change how we approach our common problems.