SyNeural makes make the Web work better for people. How? By harnessing the power of the Concept Web to move beyond the literal meaning of words and popularity-based search to create Web-based tools and platforms that understand meaning, context, behavior and history.

Starting with Semantic Repositories, storehouses of data built based on the meaning of the data, SyNeural platforms integrate these online data to create intelligent links using conceptual data models + calls to RESTful services to enable a huge leap forward in social, business and public service automation.

The result is the Semantic Web platform, a platform with far more useful data available, and all the data in a single, unified repository. The Concept Web eliminates the walls between data sources and understands the links between data, turning search terms into actions. The applications for Conceptual Web technology are unlimited—from Virtual Assistants that can actually manage our lives and jobs, to public safety solutions that correlate the behavior of people and groups with emergency or other resources, to business process automation that can detect customer trends and behavior in real time.