Web data project (Concept Web)

The Web data project (the Concept Web) is an collaborative effort to create a new Web separable from the previous Web layer (Web 2.0) that is computable by mechines. For e.g. "what museums are open around here tomorrow?" That question requires a level of machine intelligence that knows what a museum is, you're location, the museum hours, and what day of the week it is right now. Search engines aren’t good at that, because they’re too messy. Questions in a search engine have many answers, with varying degrees of applicability and “rightness.” That’s not computable, not clean enough to program or feed into a system.

The Concept Web is a new type of Web composed of Semantic Web platforms with SyNeural Core acting as the central, on-demand cognitive computing platform. SyNeural's Web platforms will function as the Central nervous system in this global, networked brain. Ingesting the world's information and learning from it. While SyNeral Core will provide a few tiers of processing, i.e., party-party+reputation, party-central-party (fully recorded reputation, etc), pico transactions for sensor data updates, etc. The semantic part is just the pattern masters that transactions step through, what "Siri" looks for next in the personal assistant's job of what you need after your luggage is lost, etc. The problem with Siri is that it was built without a support network of Semantic Repositories to work on. And as we have already established: In order for a virtual assistant to find great jeans it has to know everything about jeans. In order to book a flight, it needs many inputs and access to various Web sites or travel agents to do the booking. 

This Web will give rise to mobile software agents (virtual assistants) that can perform tasks, or services for an individual based on user input, location awareness, and the ability to access information from a variety of online sources. For the old Web stay to relevant, a lot of proprietary systems need access to each other’s APIs and some new coherence language, and history has shown large technology companies tend to protect their own patch. 

Every aspect of SyNeural’s mission is focused on making things simple: simple for users, simple for developers and simple to spread to new areas. While the extensive functionality of each platform creates a large variety of user options and opportunities, the connections between site areas are natural and functional. Each user can easily and quickly understand the full capabilities of each platform, while instinctively being drawn to each function (for example, writing opinions, editing the wiki or posting to message boards). Business owners have access to a simple and easy-to-navigate set of tools, with low-effort options to manage listings and advertisements, and also require virtually no technical knowledge. The technology used to program and propagate the site is self- contained, concise, and easily adapted to the next arena.